A Comprehensive Buying Guide for an Electric Oud

Are you looking to purchase an electric oud? What a wonderful time to live in! There are lots of choices and models to consider, and we wanted to make it as simple as possible for you. How so? — By preparing a comprehensive buying guide for an Electric Oud:

What Is the Oud (Musical Instrument)?

It is one of the most popular string instruments in Asia, Greece, Arabia, North Africa, and the Middle East. It is a fretless instrument comprising 10 to 13 strings and a bowl patterned body made of lightweight wood. Oud is very similar to modern lutes, and also to Western lutes and it’s been played for millennia. It is particularly common in art and folk music in Turkey, Arabia, and Syria.

The Origin of the Oud

The oud is said to be the earliest known string instrument. The origins of the musical instrument Oud may be traced back 3500 years to Persia, where it was known as Barbat (oud) and used to create music. The Arabs termed this instrument Al Oud, which means wood, specifically thin wood.

From Oud to Electric

Electric Ouds are a recent invention that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes made from attractive beech wood. Electric oud is a modernized version of the traditional oud that comes with a custom-made fiberglass strap. There isn’t much to these Ouds other than the fact that you can plug them in and go crazy with them.

This could be just what you’re searching for, as these have outstanding sound, playability, and electronics that you can customize. This instrument can be utilized in any form of music, from Jazz to Eastern folk to Rock. Because of their lightness, electric ouds are commonly used by musicians on their journeys.

A Comprehensive Buying Guide for an Electric Oud:

Here are some vital factors to consider when buying an electric oud:

Type of Oud – Construction & Sound:

Whether it’s a Turkish, Syrian, or Arabic electric oud, they all have 11 strings divided into five groups of two, with one string on its own. Some elements, however, differ depending on the type as shown:

• Turkish Electric Ouds – Because the equalizer and pickup are built into the instrument, it can be used as an electric or acoustic instrument. Expect a sound that is both unique and captivating, similar to traditional Turkish models.

• Arabic Electric Oud – The basin is slightly larger. They have a lower sound than the Turkish ones, so you’ll have to think about what tone you prefer before you buy.

• An Arabic oud with a 3/4-sized bowl – A one-of-a-kind electric oud with a 3/4-sized body. It provides stage comfort as well as great acoustic sound.

• Syrian Electric Ouds – They’re a little taller than the others, which makes it a little more difficult to play because you’d have to stretch your fingers. There isn’t much that sets them apart from Arabic ouds.

• Godin Oud (Oud Godin) -The ‘godin’ model is an electric oud pioneer and has a famed cutway and motorized pegs.

• Godin Multioud – Has a particular cutaway that makes playing in the higher octaves a breeze. The unusual shape also has a distinct beauty! It is the ultimate choice for excellent tuning and no maintenance!


This should go without saying if you’ve ever purchased an instrument (or any other semi-expensive thing). By coming up with a budget, you can select what areas you may need to compromise on – or not if you have a huge budget!

Style and Preference

It doesn’t matter if it is Turkish, Arabic, or Persian. The sound that it gives should be one of your favorites. The Arabic Oud has a similar sound and tuning to the Persian Oud, but after playing the Persian, Turkish, and Arabic Ouds, you’ll notice the differences. The sooner you understand the distinction, the better.

Know who you’re ordering from when it comes to luthiers.

What kind of Oud does a specific Luthier create? Look for oud forums and ask specific questions about the Luthier and their work/sound.

The Bottom Line

You’re fully prepared to go forth and wield this monarch of an instrument thanks to this detailed buying guide to buying an electric oud! It is indeed the best shopping guide for an electric oud, for both beginners and experts!